• Newtown Moving & Storage Packers Sharpen Their Skills

    From the proper way to place plates in a box to move them to another state, to the right way to label an international shipping container filled with household items, Newtown Moving packers reviewed them all.


    They did so at the Stevens Worldwide Van Lines “Packing Boot Camp,” which attracted movers from moving agents across the country.


    The packers spent two days brushing up on skills for packing and securing items for a move and sharing best practices for moving and transporting furniture and other household items.


    The Packing Boot Camp took place just before the busy summer moving season.


    As many as 60 percent of the nearly 43 million Americans who will move this year will do so between May and September.


    Newtown Moving reminds anyone who is moving to be cautious when selecting a mover. Consumers should be cautious to make sure that they deal with reputable movers, and avoid those that make promises or offer pricing that seem too good to be true. Unfortunately, every year thousands of moving customers become victims of unscrupulous movers who don’t live up to the promises they make.


    The American Moving & Storage Association, the trade association for the moving and storage industry, notes that one way to differentiate quality movers from potentially rogue moves is to look for the ProMover designation and symbol. ProMover is a consumer protection and certification program that assures that moving companies have agreed to a set of honorable business practices.


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  • Newtown Moving & Storage Introduces New Website

    This week Newtown Moving & Storage launched its new web site.

    The new www.newtownmovingandstorage.com features easy calls to action and simple navigation as well as information about Newtown Moving & Storage services and capabilities.

    The new features include:

    • An easy to use moving estimate form
    • Access to Newtown Moving news
    • Links to programs of our van line, Stevens Worldwide Van Lines

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